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Arts and Crafts Photo Archive

Thanks goes out to those of you who have submitted photos for this architecture archives! This section has been expanded to two pages! If you'd like to share your home or homes in your neighborhood with fellow Arts & Craft enthusiasts, please click here for details on submitting photos.

Photos Submitted By Viewers

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Photo Guide:

  • 1. A 1.5 storey bungalow, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (1906-1912) features a semi-enclosed porch, original art glass and wainscotting
  • 2. Bungalow with strong Japanese influences, Redondo Beach, CA (1908-1912) features original woodwork and multi-paned windows in sunroom
  • 3. This Titusville, NJ home from the 1890's predates Craftsman style but has arts and Crafts features including wide eaves and a large front porch
  • 4. This large, 3 storey Titusville, NJ home from about 1905 features a wide front porch and original woodwork throughout
  • 5. This 1914 Prairie style in Bloomington, IL features terra cotta tile fireplace, ornate beamed ceilings and an octagonal second floor foyer.
  • 6. Normal, IL stucco and half-timber craftsman
  • 7. Oakland, CA. Photo taken soon after this 1920 bungalow was built.
  • 8. Another Oakland, CA bungalow
  • 9. Mortimer Fleishacker residence, Woodside, CA, built by Greene & Greene between 1911-1937
  • 10. 1925 Bungalow in Hightstown, New Jersey
  • 11. Dallas, TX, early '20s
  • 12. Dallas, TX, Craftsman Colonial
  • 13. Dallas, TX, Prairie style
  • 14. Dallas, TX, Craftsman Colonial, southern style. Mid-'20s
  • 15. Floral Park, CA. early '20s bungalow
  • 16. This stone fireplace in same house is a focal point of the living room
  • 17. Beamed ceilings and original woodwork highlight the interior of this 1907 Craftsman-Style home, Fort Dodge, Iowa
  • 18. Dining room in the above house has a warm, cosy feel
  • 19. This very large, 1909 Spokane, WA home features oak floors with inlaid Celtic knots, beamed celiings, built-ins and lots of leaded glass.
  • 20. 1906 Bungalow, Spokane, WA
  • 21. Toledo, OH, 1920 bungalow
  • 22. 1925 Alexandria, VA
  • 23. Half-timber Craftsman, Schenecady, NY, 1910
  • 24-27 Foursquare, Pittsburgh, PA, 1910