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Celebrating 19 Years on the Web

Showcasing the beauty and diversity of American Arts and Crafts architecture

Launched in Spring 1997, Craftsman Perspective was one of the first web sites devoted to architecture from the Arts and Crafts period. The original idea for this site came about as I followed my growing passion for the style and decided to post the things I discovered along the way. The most popular section of this site is devoted to photographs of houses -- over 300 examples of Craftsman homes, Mission style, bungalows, and many others from 1890 - 1925. But what started out as a sort of virtual picture book has evolved into what I hope is a good foundation for anyone interested in the Arts and Crafts Style.

This site has three broad goals:

  • To give a brief history of a 19th century philosophy against the Industrial Revolution that evolved into a Movement that influenced art, architecture, design, and furniture for over 50 years.
  • To provide insight on how the style evolved after 1920; how it influenced later design movements; and eventually became a part of classic American design.
  • To explain why this movement continues to inspire people today.

And three fun goals:

  • To showcase the common themes and amazing diversity of Arts and Crafts architecture through the use of 250 photographs that highlight American Foursquares and Craftsman Styles, Prairie Styles and Bungalows, and even a few English cottage and Tudor styles.
  • To visually document the on-going restoration of my own 1918 Craftsman home.
  • To provide some general tips and FAQs on restoring your home, decorating in the style, or about the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Although I don't update this site much anymore, every once in a while I do have house restoration photos to post so you may want to check out the What's New page to see what's happening.

Enjoy your visit!