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Books and Publications

This section contains directories of magazines and books that focus on the Arts and Crafts Movement, old homes, house restoration and plans, Craftsman furniture, and period accessories and pottery.

I have found all of these magazines to be excellent sources of help, information and inspiration. You will enjoy their online versions, but I highly recommend subscriptions. They cover Arts and Crafts in just about every issue with topics that include renovations, restorations to the exterior, plus all rooms inside.

Also, don't forget that large public libraries have microfilm for House Beautiful (check out the years 1896-1915 for original house blueprints, furniture, and tips for the house and garden).


American Bungalow

Old House Journal

Old House Chronicle

This Old House


The following directory of notable books focus on the Arts & Crafts Movement. I have included out-of-print publications because many of them may be found in libraries, or special ordered. Topics include everything from picture books and histories to house plans, furniture building and even how to create your own mica lamp. Most books can be purchased at bookstores or Amazon.com.

Special thanks goes to Carolyn Blocher for her major contribution to this list. Happy reading!

Architecture and Houses:

Craftsman Homes- Architecture and Furnishings of the American Arts and Crafts Movement
Stickley, Gustav. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1979. Plans and drawings for 40 cottages, bungalows, etc., reprint of the second New York 1909 edition of Craftsman Homes.

Craftsman Bungalows: 59 Homes from The Craftsman
Stickley, Gustav, Ed. Dover Publications Inc., NY., 1988. Selected reprints of articles from The Craftsman 36 from 1903-16. Floor plans for 35 bungalows and illustrations, sketches and photographs.

More Craftsman Homes
Stickley, Gustav. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1982. Floor plans and illustrations for 78 Mission-style dwellings, unaltered and unabridged reprint of the 1912 edition by the Craftsman Publishing Company.

Fine Homebuilding Great Houses. Craftsman-Style Houses.
Taunton Press, Taunton CT, 1991. Collection of articles from 10 years of Fine Homebuilding, renovation, new construction, decks in the Craftsman spirit.

117 House Designs of the Twenties
Gordon-Van Tine Co., Dover Publications Inc., NY. 1991. Reprint of a rare architect's catalog from 1923, containing home designs from bungalows and cottages to formal dwellings. Photographs, floor plans, interior descriptions and exterior details.

The Old House Book of Cottages and Bungalows
Grow, Lawrence, Ed. Main Street Press, NJ, 1987. Cottage architecture, some reprints of plans.

Homes & Interiors of the 1920's
Morgan. Lee Valley Tools, Ltd., Ontario, 1987. Originally published as Building with Assurance in 1921. Morgan Woodwork Organization house plans, architectural elements and social advice.

The American Bungalow - 1880-1930
Lancaster, Clay. Abbeville Press, NY, 1985. History and description of the bungalow.

Greene and Greene #1 - Architecture as Fine Art
Makinson, Randell. Peregrine Smith, Layton, UT. 1977. Focus on brothers buildings.

Drawings and Plans of Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Period (1893-1909)
Wright, Frank Lloyd. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1983. Reproduction of the Wasmuth portfolio of drawings, earliest published work.

The Early Work of Frank Lloyd Wright
Wright, Frank Lloyd. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1983. 207 rare photos of the Oak Park period.

Architecture of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Davey, Peter. Rizzoli, NY, 1980.

Coffee Table Picture Books:

In the Arts and Crafts Style
Mayer, Barbara. Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1993. An historical look at the style through well-written text and many beautiful pictures.

The Beautiful Necessity: Decorating with Arts and Crafts
Smith, Bruce and Yamamoto, Yoshiko. Gibbs Smith Publishers, Salt Lake City, 1996. Details everything needed to decorate interiors in the style, including furnishings, wall coverings, tiles, stenciling, floor coverings and accessories.

Arts and Crafts Style
Anscomb, Isabelle. Rizzoli International, NY, 1991. The beginnings of the movement through its development popularization and influence on the 20th century.

American Bungalow Style
Robert Winter, Alexander Vertikoff (Photographer), 1996.

Arts and Crafts History:

Art and Labor; Ruskin, Morris and the Craftsman Ideal in America
Boris, Eileen. Temple University Press. Examines the Arts and Crafts movement in social, cultural and economic context. Includes role of women.

John Rushkin: The Argument of the Eye
Hewison, Robert. Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ, 1976. Ideas that are foundation of his work.

The Encyclopedia of Arts and Crafts: The International Arts Movement 1850-1920
Kaplan, Wendy, Ed. Dutton, NY, 1989. Covers movement in America and Europe.

Utopian Craftsmen
Lambourne, Lionel. Astragal Books, London, 1980. Lives and work of originators of the movement.

Redesigning the World: William Morris, the 1880's and the Arts and Crafts
Stansky, Peter. Princeton University Press, NJ, 1985. A study of Morris' work, the philosophical genesis of the movement in historical context.

The Art that is Life: The Arts and Crafts Movement in America, 1875-1920
Kaplan, Wendy. Museum of Fine Arts & Little, Brown, Boston, 1987.

Chapters in the History of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Triggs, Oscar. Ayer Co. Publications, Salem NH, 1979. Reprint of 1902 edition.

A History & Bibliography of a Roycroft Printing Shop
McKenna, Paul. Tona Graphics, North Tonawanda, NY 1986.

The Arts and Crafts Movement
Naylor, Gillian. MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1980.

The Arts and Crafts Movement: A Study of It's Sources, Ideals and Influence on Design Theory
Naylor, Gillian. MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1980.

Gustave Stickley: The Craftsman
Smith, Mary Ann. Syracuse University Press, Syracuse NY, 1983.

William Morris, C.R. Ashbee, and the Arts and Crafts
Stansky, Peter. Nine Elms Press, London, 1984.

The Work of William Morris, 3rd Ed.
Thompson, Paul, Ed. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991.

Craftsman and Mission Style Furniture:

The Furniture of Gustav Stickley - History, Techniques and Projects
Bavaro, Joseph J. and Thomas L. Mossman. Prentice Hall Press, NY, 1982. Detailed working drawings and step by step instructions to reproduce authentic Craftsman pieces.

Roycroft Handmade Furniture
Brady, Linda Hubbard. Bullfinch Press, Boston MA, 1989. Facsimile of 1912 Catalog with related material.

Furniture of the American Arts and Crafts Movement - Stickley and Roycroft Mission Oak
Cathers, David M. New American Library, NY, 1981. 200 photos of mission furniture, traces development of arts and crafts furniture.

How to Make Mission Style Lamps and Shades
Popular Mechanics Company. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1982. Unabridged reprint of a 1911 manual with 18 complete designs for authentic Mission style lamps and shades.

Mission Furniture - How to Make It, Parts I, II and III, Complete
Popular Mechanics Company. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1980. An unabridged one volume edition of three handbooks originally published by the Popular Mechanics Company of Chicago in 1909, 1910 and 1912. Contains directions to complete 98 projects from furniture to lamps.

Two Complete Catalogs, 1904 and 1926
Rustic Hickory Furniture Co. Porch, Lawn and Cottage Furniture: Dover Publications, Inc., NY. 1991. Reprints of rare original catalogs describe Adirondack and other rustic furniture. Captions with dimensions, weight and original price. 270 photographs.

Unabridged Reprints of Two Mission Furniture Catalogs "Craftsman Furniture Made By Gustav Stickley" and "The Work of L. and J.G. Stickley"
Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs, Dover Publication Inc., NY, 1979. 594 illustrations of pieces originally for sale in catalogs including exact measurements and prices.

Stickley, Gustav and L.and J.G. Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs.
Dover Publications Inc., NY. 1979. Two authentic catalogs from 1910 reprinted. 594 illustrations. Furniture, metalwork, fabric and willow furniture, Captions include exact measurements, prices and descriptions.

Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture Instructions and Plans for 62 Projects-Articles from The Craftsman
Stickley, Gustav, Ed. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1986. Reprints directly from Craftsman magazine that first appeared as a 20 part series "Home Training in Cabinet Work", 1905-7.

The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs
Stickley, Gustav, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia and Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1991. 200 illustrations and descriptions of furniture. Captions cite material, dimensions and original prices. Also includes china, lamps, baskets and glass.

Quaint Furniture Arts and Crafts
Turn of the Century Editions [1986] Reprints of original catalog.

Stickley Furniture Catalogs
Cathers, David. New American Library, NY, 1979. Text and photos of Gustav and Leopold Stickley furniture catalogs.

The Early Work of Gustav Stickley
Gray, Stephan. Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1987. Complied reprints.

The Mission Furniture of L. and J.G. Stickley
Gray, Stephan.Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1983. Reprinted sales catalogs.

Early L.&J.G. Stickley Furniture: from Onandaga Shops to Handcraft
Stickley, L.&J.G. Dover Publications, Inc., NY, 1991. Reprint of two rare catalogs c. 1908-1910 delineating early work of brothers of Gustav Stickley; captioned illustrations of 200 furniture designs.

Quaint Furniture in Arts and Crafts (Mission Furniture Catalogues Ser. No.9)
Gray, Stephen, Ed. Turn of the Century, NY, 1988. Reprints of original catalogs.

Collected Works of Gustav Stickley
Gray, Stephan and Robert Edwards, eds. Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1981. Complied reprints.

The Early Works of Gustav Stickley
Turn of the Century Editions, NY [1987] Compilation of photos and drawings from early catalogs.

Illustrated Mission Furniture Catalog, 1912-13, Come-Packt Furniture Company
Linoff, Victor M., Ed. Dover Publications Inc., NY, 1991. Reprint of home furnishings catalog from height of mission design popularity. 400 items illustrated many designed to be shipped knocked-down for easy assembly at home.

Greene and Greene #2- Furniture and Related Designs
Makinson, Randell. Peregrine Smith, Layton, UT 1979. Emphasis on furniture and interior design.

Pottery, Metal and Decorative Objects:

The Arts and Crafts Studio of Dirk Van Erp.
San Francisco Crafts and Folk Art Museum, 1989. Scholarly text on his contribution to period metalsmithing.

Art and Design at Alfred: A Chronicle of Ceramics College
Bernstein, Melvin. Art Alliance, Cranbury NY, 1986. History of the first college level ceramics engineering course in U.S.

The Book of Roycrofters: Being a Catalog of Copper, Leather and Books
House of Hubbard, East Aurora NY [1977]. Reprint of 1919 sales catalog.

American Arts and Crafts- Virtue in Design
Bowman, Leslie Greene. Little, Brown, MA, 1990. Catalog of the Palevsky/Evans collection at L.A. County Museum of Art.

American Ceramics: 1876 to Present
Clark, Garth. Abbeville Press, NY, 1988. Decade by decade development of decorative ceramics.

C.R.Ashbee; Architect, Designer and Romantic Socialist
Crawford, Alan. Yale University Press, CT, 1985. Biography of Ashbee, Guild of Handicraft and his influence on Wright, etc.

Chicago Metalsmiths
Darling, Sharon and Gail F. Casterline. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1977. Chicago school of period metals.

Chicago Furniture: Art Craft & Industry, 1833-1983
Darling, Sharon S. Norton, NY, 1984. Extensive view of economic, social and stylistic influences on furniture of area.

Handel Lamps: Painted Shades and Glassware
DeFalco, Robert, Carole Hibel and John Hibel. H&D Press, Staten Island NY, 1986. Guide to Handels decorative lighting and objects.

Authentic Designs from the American Arts and Crafts Movement: Selected from the Keramic Studio
Grafton, Carol Belanger, ed. Dover Publication Inc., NY, 1980. 400 designs by 80 artists reproduced from the magazine.

The Roycrofters: A Catalog of the Roycrofters, Featuring Metalwork and Lighting Fixtures
Gray, Stephan, ed. Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1989. Reprinted sales catalog.

The Shop of the Crafters at Cincinnati
Gray, Stephan. Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1983. Reprinted sales catalogs.

The Book of Rookwood Pottery
Peck, Herbert. Cincinnati Art Gallery, Cincinnati OH, 1985. Complete listing of thousands of Rookwood shapes.

Auction Catalogs
Rago, David. Available through Arts and Crafts Quarterly, Quarterly Library, Trenton, 1992. Illustrates pottery, furniture accessories, accurate descriptions, sales results for 10 years.

Henry Chapman Mercer and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works
Reed, Cleota. University of Pennsylvania Press, PA, 1987. Terra cotta production. Mercers' life and his influence on the movement.

Craftsman Fabrics and Needlework
Stickley, Gustave. Razmataz Press, Madison WI, 1989. Reprint of the only available catalog on period textiles.

TECO - Hints for Gifts and Home Decorations
Razmataz Press, Madison WI [1985.] Reprint of original 1905 Gates Pottery catalog.

Art Pottery of the United States, 2nd Revised Edition
Evans, Paul. In The Encyclopedia of Producers and Their Marks. Feingold-Lewis, NY, 1988.

A Catalogue of the Roycrofters Featuring Metalwork and Lighting Fixtures
Groll, Raymond. Turn of the Century Editions, NY, 1989.

Roycroft Collectibles
Hamilton, Charles F. A.S. Barnes and Co., San Diego, 1980.

Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Parry, Linda. Thames Hudson, NY, 1988.

Treasures of the American Arts and Crafts Movement: 1890-1920
Volpe, Tod and Beth Cathers. Abrams, NY, 1988.