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Arts and Crafts Resources

The is no shortage of Arts and Crafts resources on the Web, so I have not scoured the internet to find all possible resources that may be of interest to you. I have, however, put together an interesting list of dealers, furniture and accessories craftsmen, artisans, manufacturers, and websites that you might find of particular interest. Both magazines and books can be found in the Publications section and additional Web sites will be found under "Links."

When searching the internet for resources, I use two search engines:

(this site sends the search words you enter to other search engines and returns the results. It's like doing a search on dozens of search engines at the same time)

(this search engine gives relevent results more often than others.)

The following search words should accompany any search for A&C-related links:

Arts and Crafts style, Craftsman style, plus your additional search words separated by commas.

If you would like to share a resource, please send me an email with the resource's name, address, phone, website address and a brief description. NOTE: I update this site every winter, so if you submit a resource via email, you will not see it added until the following February.