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Advice and Frequently Asked Questions

The Arts and Crafts community is a global one. The resurgent popularity of the Craftsman philosophy and Arts and Crafts style in America can also be found in Canada, England, Australia, Japan and elsewhere. As distant as these places may be, we are connected by our enjoyment of the Arts and Crafts lifestyle. With this in mind, I am devoting this section to posting answers to questions you may have regarding living the Craftsman life in the new millennium so that others who share our interest might share their experiences with us or find answers to their own questions.

Although it was always my intention to provide personal replies to all questions, I am unable to answer any additional questions. I apologize to those of you who may have asked a question in the past and did not receive a reply. Never in my wildest imaginations did I think that so many people would write. Hopefully, the topics in this section will answer some basic questions such as how to tell if your house is in the Arts and Crafts style, what interior and exterior colors are appropriate, how to find blueprints, choose a garage and landscape in keeping with the A&C tradition.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that I am not the overseer of all things Arts and Crafts. While a lot of my information comes from original writings by Gustav Stickley, some of my advice is simply that -- advice. If you are looking for guidance, these FAQs should provide a solid starting point. But it is what you bring to the table -- your personal taste and style -- that should determine which path you take in building, painting, decorating and landscaping your Arts and Crafts home.

Remember, the goal is to create a home that fits your life, not the other way around.